Alessio Piantanida

offendedly From an early age, Alessio, who was born in Italy, was passionate about cooking, and when he was eight he baked his first soufflè! When he was older, he started working as a pastry chef and baker. After a few years, he opened his own artisan pastry shop and immediately devoted himself to the preparation of quality ice cream. During these years he held cooking, pastry and ice cream courses in northern Italy and at the same time, he perfected his art with some of the most famous Italian Pastry Chefs in the world.

Since 2015 he has been working for the most important cruise shipping companies as Executive Pastry Chef, and Corporate Pastry Chef while during the periods on land, he keeps teaching and consulting in the artisanal and industrial field of the ice cream world.

Alessio was inspired to write a definitive guide to making ice cream during lockdown. ‘The Ice Cream Grammar’ will be published in February 2022 and is aimed at artisans, chefs, pastry chefs, catering students and ice cream parlour owners to learn the science behind making the perfect ice cream and develop confidence to create their own flavours and recipes.

Liz has worked on proofreading and copy editing the book prior to publication. Next steps will be preparing for launch and ongoing promotion through the media and other relevant outlets in the UK & USA before extending into Europe and beyond.

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