Alice May

Alice May worked for the NHS for twenty years, right up until the day she came home from work to find that her house was literally falling down before her eyes. Alice, her husband and four children moved into a tent in the garden. They had no idea where to start to rebuild their home. But amazing things can come from disaster.

As a direct result of what happened that day Alice has totally transformed her life. Having written her first award winning novel ‘Accidental Damage – tales from the house that sat down’, inspired by the months that followed the collapse of her home, Alice now runs a successful business as an author, an artist and a public speaker and she feels passionately about self care and the use of creative activities to promote resilience and positive mental health.

Liz worked with Alice on proofreading and copy editing all three of her novels – Accidental Damage, Restoration and Redemption – now available as a trilogy in one volume.

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