Sally Hedges Greenwood

Sally Hedges Greenwood is the author and photographer of the With Photography® books, an unusual series because it is the photography that drives the narrative in them all.

‘With Photography® – not just an Autobiography’ is, as the name suggests, partly autobiographical. Moreover it is an almost encyclopaedic exploration of the medium that Sally loves; it is also a good read and one that she now considers to be her life’s work.

She wrote and published ‘just’ the autobiography – ‘Making Connections With Photography®’ two years later. Since then she has been photographing and writing on a number of diverse subjects including the headquarters of the Hare Krishna movement in the UK, Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Ryvita® factory in Poole and ’86 Days in Lockdown’.

Liz is providing proofreading and copy editing support to Sally and particularly loves Making Connections with Photography because it tells Sally’s story through images and it is utterly fascinating from a personal story perspective as well as the development of photography over the years.

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