Stephen Bavister

Liz and Steve have known each for a few years since meeting at a business networking event but now she is delighted to be helping him promote his first book! Steve is the founder of LexisClick, a Growth Consultancy based in Bournemouth, which empowers consultancy owners to create valuable businesses, scale their impact and deliver outcomes at scale.

His decision to write ‘The Outcome Led Consultancy’ was driven by his own difficult experience in scaling up his business. It is a valuable ‘bible’ for consultancy owners with teams of between two and twenty people who have hit a growth ceiling pricing their expertise by the hour or day. Steve has developed┬áthe AMPLIFY method for small consultancies to scale and give up time-based pricing for good.

Liz is working with Steve developing social media content on the build up to publication in Spring 2022, and will then be in full PR & Marketing mode for launch and ongoing promotion.




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