10 content ideas to promote your book on social media

As a writer, do you need to be on social media? It’s one of the most common questions I get asked!

And the answer is…YES! You really do. Here’s why.

You need to reach readers and your audience is highly likely to be on social media. Unless you are well known enough to be on TV or with an established following where you are in contact via email, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn are where you are going to be able to interact with your readers. In addition, the reality is that your readers will expect to find you on social media.

I started working with writers when having dinner about 10 years ago with three writers who were all bemoaning the fact that although they loved writing, they really didn’t like the promotion side of it, especially social media. All three heads simultaneously turned towards me and said ‘Isn’t that what you do?”! And so Brilliant Fish for Writers was born.

One of the biggest challenges for writers is knowing what to post. I usually get asked “are people really interested in what I do?” Yes, they are. Have you noticed that when you say you’ve written a book, people are really impressed? Here are some ideas for content for your social media posts that should generate interest:

  1. Share your writing journey. Most non-writers are fascinated by how writers write. So share what your routine is, maybe including a picture of where you write, talk about your inspirations
  2. Talk about what you are reading at the moment – who are your favourite authors and why? Tag that author in your post – you never know, they may well see it!
  3. Share other writer’s posts and comment on them – be encouraging, identify with them
  4. Describe your characters and how you developed them – readers are intrigued by the process!
  5. Promote any talks, books signings or events you’re involved in
  6. Promote any talks, books signings or events you’re attending – makes it look like you’re really immersed in the whole world of writing
  7. Ask for input – get your readers involved by asking them to suggest character names, place names etc
  8. Invite opinion on a book cover or title. This is particularly useful for non-fiction books. Show a couple of covers and get people to vote on their favourite
  9. Share paragraphs from the book. Without giving the plot away, post some of your best writing that would engage and compel readers to find out more
  10. Post reviews. Other people’s words say more about your book than you can. Don’t be embarrassed or think you’re showing off – that’s what promotion is

Wherever you can, include a link to your website or wherever people can buy the book. This is called a Call To Action. Make it easy for people to find out more about your book if they’ve been inspired by your post.

If all else fails and you really can’t think of what to say or find the time to do it, get in touch as I manage the social media accounts for a number of writers – you wouldn’t know it wasn’t them posting! The most important thing is that your profile is being raised regularly to build loyalty in your readers. Once you have an audience, they are there ready for when you publish your next book!




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